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Group Classes

Our training classes  run by an instructor specialising not just in obedience, but who also specialises in dog behaviour. This means that you will not just learn how to teach your dog to sit, stay, drop, come and walk on a lead, you will also receive training and information on how to correct or avoid behavioural issues, such as jumping, aggression, barking and much more.

Our classes are run in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but you will also be expected to put in the extra work during the week. 

Classes cover all issues that are important to making sure your dog is happy and you have a dog that fits well into your family.


  • We cover the obedience commands such as sit, stay, drop and come

  • How to walk on a lead correctly

  • How to set the correct rules and boundaries

  • Getting your dog to stay on their bed

  • Confidence building

  • And much more


It’s not just “all work and no play” at our training classes, we also show you some fun activities you can do with your dog to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog, earn trust and respect, and just have some good old fun.

Duration: 1 hr over 5 weeks

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