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Our team

Evolve Dog Training and Behaviour is a family built business run by husband and wife team, Steve and Bec.

Steve first decided to become a dog trainer through working with rescue groups and seeing the thousands of dogs each year that are surrendered due to behavioural issues that could have been avoided or modified if owners had been giving the correct training or information.

He aimed to help reduce these numbers by educating owners to understand how to create balanced and rounded dogs who are both confident and respectful, as well as help educate owners to understand why their dogs are displaying certain behaviours and how to avoid further issues.

Steve continued to work with rescue dogs, whilst studying and training at a large rehabilitation centre in Sydney.

It was through this experience that Steve created his own training technique and launched " Evolve Dog Training and Behaviour"

Steve's training technique is structured around balance and consistency, and focuses on rewarding dogs for their desired behaviours. It is with this technique that Steve has been able to help many dogs that other trainers had placed in the " too hard basket".

The team at Evolve dog training and behaviour are fully qualified with cert IV in companion Animals services and Cert II Animal Studies. Steve has trained with the head assessors of the AWL, completed workshops with international & Australian dog trainers and has worked alongside many rescues groups providing enrichment strategies, giving volunteer seminars or helping rehabilitate last chance cases.

Steve and Bec are also the parents of two young girls and the owners of four dogs, as a result they understand the importance of creating balance, harmony and structure, as well as being empathetic of how demanding day to day life can be.

They will help guide and support you whilst implementing the new routines and training plans, it’s important to them that clients are comfortable and feel part of the "Evolve" family.

Check out the "Evolve a Dog " page for more information on how Steve has helped rescue dogs.


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