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" Evolve a Dog Program "

   working with Rescues

What is the Evolve a Dog Program?


“Evolve a dog Program” is a program we run in conjunction with rescues to help

give  dogs in rescue the best possible to chance at find their forever home and stay in it.

The program is run to help  rescue dogs who need a little extra work on behavioural

issues and training.


What’s involved?


During the program the dog will be taught manners, basic obedience and any

behavioural issues will be addressed.


The dog will be exposed to different experiences and situations that it is likely to

encounter outside of the kennel environment and in its new home.

For example,

parks, shopping centres, car rides or even just a walk in the street.


Once the dog is rehomed the owner will received a free 1hr consultation at the rescue.

The consultation will include a run down on the dog’s current training, areas that still need focusing on and any behaviour or training information that is applicable to that particular dog.

The new owners will also be taught how to show their new dog to be a calm and respectful member of their family. They will

be given Information on how to settle their new dog into their home and what rules and boundaries need to be established.



Check out our Facebook Page for updates and pictures of the Evolve a

dog’s progress and adventure

Evolve dog training and behaviour

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