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Fun and Enriching Walks 

Dog Walking With A Difference....... 

At Evolve Dog Training and Behaviour we understand the importance of consistent and mentally enriching walks, not only for your dogs happiness and well being, but also your own. 

The way we walk our dogs has a large impact on helping to reduce and eliminate unwanted behaviours.

Well exercised and mentally enriched dogs are often more fur fill with what they require naturally, resulting in less destruction or nuisance behaviours. 

What we can offer you.


As a dog trainer with over a decade of experience walking dogs, from walking rescue dogs, boarding dogs, dogs in training or in home consultations.

We can offer you and your dog walks that you know are not just going to be fun, that will not just tire your dogs physically, but also give them the mental and social stimulation that is such an important part of them being dogs and truly happy.

You can be confidant that your dogs will be walked in a way that suits their requirements and not to intensify or create behavioural issues, such as fearfulness or unsocial behaviours, due to incorrect interactions.

That they are safe and well cared for and just as importantly that they are going to have a great time and be allowed to flourish. 

Whether its dogs just looking for some company, a fun and social walk, dogs wanting to work on their training, Recall and leash skills or to dogs with larger issues such as re activity or under confidence, Evolve Dog Walking has you covered


Servicing:  Urunga, Bellingen, Valla, Nambucca to Macksville ....... 

Evolve N' Walk
"Sniff and Fun" 
( Standard walks or visit)

Evolve N Walk is our walk and train program. During these walks foundation training, such as sits, stays, leash skills etc will be work on and reinforced. This walk is good for owners who are wanting to give their dogs a little bit more then a standard walk and want keep those base foundations from training reinforced. 

Whether your dog just wants to get out of the house, feel the ground benefit their paws and have some fun or they are looking for someone to come and have a play and pat in their yard, then this is the program for you. 

"Back the Paw Up"
( reactive &  under confident Dogs) 
Recall Adventures

This is a specialised walk suited to dogs who need a little extra help, whether it be with re activity or under confidence. 

This service will require an initial behaviour consultation to asses your dog and the behaviours. 

For more information on this service, please contact us 


A great outing for dogs who need to work on their recall in areas such as the park, beach or other high distraction areas

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